Near Woodrow Wilson Library, Falls Church, VA

Woodrow Wilson Library
6101 Knollwood Dr.
Falls Church, VA 22041-1798

1.  J.E.B. Stuart at Munson’s Hill- Near Seven Corners on Leesburg Pike (Virginia Route 7) 0.1 miles west of Lakeside View Drive  (park there and walk over to bus stop)

2.  Lincoln Reviews Troops at Bailey’s Crossroads - In Falls Church on Leesburg Pike (Virginia Route 7) at Charles Street

3. Bailey’s Crossroads Civil War Engagements - In Baileys Crossroads on Leesburg Pike (State Highway 7) at Washington Drive

4. Bailey’s Crossroads - Marker can be reached from Moray Lane near Crossroads Center Way.
Marker is in the far corner of the Crossroads Center parking lot between the two shopping center buildings by a gazebo. The shopping center is in the north quadrant of Baley's Crossroads, which is no longer a true crossroads but a cloverleaf interchange now that Leesburg Pike (State Route 7) crosses Columbia Pike (State Route 244) on an overpass