Landmark Snarfing 101

I didn't need a new hobby. I didn't want a new hobby. But thanks to a challenge on BookCrossing and some active local friends, I picked up Markeroni and can't put it back down again. Snarfing is the act of visiting a historic landmark (aka a snarf). On the Markeroni site, you can document that visit in words and images, which is especially useful to me because if I don't document it somehow, it flies right out of my head. But documenting it is just where the fun begins! You can have a mascot to display in your photos. You can go on snarfaris with other markeroons. You can learn about the history of places. You can find amazingly neat things you might have otherwise passed by!

The point of this page is for me to display the documents I've created while snarfing landmarks, in case others will find them useful. It may have other uses down the road. We shall see :-)

Four Markeroons on Snarfari
Video by Crrcookie